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I went running today…

I planned to do my usual laps around the park, then I decided to do my push ups BEFORE running.

I got to the park’s outdoor gym and decided to go straight into Sirsasana pose, which is the head stand. Half way through the 3 minutes I usually do it for, I felt a sharp pain on my back, to the left, next to my spine, behind my heart. It felt like my lungs were pierced by my rib.

I had experienced this pain before and being committed to the practice, instead of coming off the Sirsasana, as I was seriously weakened in that moment, I decided to override the pain (NOT something I would EVER recommend to students however) and connect with my energy body, instead of focusing on the pain in the body.

We are not the pain in our bodies.

1.5 minutes later (and they always have to be slow seconds because commitment is there) I knew there was problem. I couldn’t breathe properly, couldn’t expand my lungs. I was fine though psychologically as I had encountered this experience before in life, so I knew it would pass at some point. Certainly no more running that day or for the next few days.

Annoying as it was, I had to accept it. I didn’t want to let go of the push ups, so after much slow breathing energy and Qi / Healing energy moving, I was just about ok to go down on my knees slowly and do my 100 push ups. Going down was painful but once I was horizontal and in the push ups, it was fine.

Afterward, I went straight home. And was received by Ama Lia Wai-Ching Lee, who saw the state I was in, as I couldnt breath properly or speak very well when I entered the home.

So, this is the point of this sharing…it was HEALING TIME.

She got into her Healer mode straight away and sent me into meditation. We were going to access the source of the physical pain, which is found in our Consciousness.

All physical pain has a source, not the physical world, but the spiritual world. Something usually related to past lives. Some kind of trauma in past lives has been stored in the holographic memory which composes our multidimensional matrix and this is what true healing is. We access the memory of the source or origin of the pain, we come to see it for what it is, we get empowered and the issue is gone.

This is ever lasting healing so I knew I was in safe hands of course. She is by far a healer that creates a field of transformation unlike any other healer, shaman or mystic I have ever met. Aside from Great Rinpoches or other more “out there” teachers.

So I am sharing my story of a healing session which just happenend. A very weak pain is still around, but the disabilitating grave pain I was in is now gone through 20 mins or so of healing. Just astounding how Ama is able to tap into source, to the field of infinite potential, and allow you to come to your own healing, identifying what it is the cause and why the effect has been such.

In this last healing session just now, I got a great gift, a big surprise and that is how magic goes. We are brought to a space where we feel reality, we see more clearly, the nature of life as infinite potential.

I have done 3 sessions with her, and been at close proximity with her for over 2 years now, so I understand her impact in the lives of others, and still it is astounding to observe the healing work that happens when she does it on me.

These deep deep traumas incurred in our past lives are blocks which we were born with in our multidimensional matrix of the self. So this is something that our personality is not aware of.

In each session I have done with her, what arises is either physical pain or some kind of behavioural limitation in life, ie creating abundance or having harmonious relations with others, and then it is seen for what it is. Visually, we jump from life to life, seeing karma playing out as it is, repeated patterns of behaviour happening from life to life, affecting us in ways which eventually prevent us from having our desires fulfilled. Of course, this is also a huge blessing, as we get to understand life and the way of the cosmos. Ama Lia makes sure that the healing done is “seen”, so it truly goes away when the pain or limitation is acknowledged mentally, emotionally and spiritually as a lesson, and therefore something to aid us on our path.

Once healed, our lives are truly transformed. Like going from being a slow car to a Ferrari. That’s how it feels, something that has been deeply traumatic in our souls history, is healed. To me, this is priceless and no money can ever pay for this kind of transformation.

Angelo Marcos Santos is a consciousness researcher, who investigates the limitlessness of the human potential through Arts, Science and Spirituality. He is a Yoga & Meditation teacher, Mandala Artist, Dancer and Boardsports Enthusiast. More recently a poet, inspired by anything and everything to do with loving the Beloved.

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