Voice of Movement : Liz Baron Cohen

Liz Baron Cohen

How long have you been practising and teaching 5 Rhythms?

I’ve been dancing 5 rhythms for about 15 years and teaching for almost 9 years. I have also recently trained in the open floor movement practice.

What lead you to first trying it?

A friend of mine went all the time and kept saying I should try it.

How and where did you further learn about/study it?

I trained with Gabrielle Roth who created the 5 rhythms in USA and over the years did several prerequisite courses with other teachers.

What specifically does teaching 5 Rhythms involve?

Teaching involves putting together what’s known as “a wave” (a play list) of music. Then thinking about what I may teach about, though it could change on the night as it involves reading the group field/ energy of the room and teaching accordingly.

The main purpose is to encourage people into movement. Gabrielle wrote ” put the body in movement and the psyche will heal itself.”

How has 5 Rhythms benefited or transformed you?

This is a difficult thing to put into words. 5 rhythms is my spiritual practice, my weekly exercise, my emotional and stress release, my community, my spiritual church.

It is a place to dance, to practice boundaries, relationship to myself, to others, to the group and to spirit. It has taught me to be present with what is and not get caught in the story.  And loads more..

How do you think it can benefit others?

The same as me. However, some people just come for exercise and stress relief. Some to meet people and some take it much deeper.

What has been your greatest learning so far?

My greatest learning as a teacher is not to take it personally if someone leaves or sits down as you never know what’s happening for them. Most times, they have a very good reason.

As a dancer, I am always learning. Right now I’m learning the most from not pushing and dancing with what’s right there until it changes.

What was the most powerful healing treatment/modality you have experienced?

Psychic surgery for my slipped disc in my neck, which meant I didn’t need surgery

Tell us about about healers that you are inspired by:

Phil Flanagan a fantastic intuitive life coach and healer

Maraed Armstrong the psychic surgeon

Ingrid Collins a fantastic soul therapist and healer

And many more…. 

One healing tip for every day life:

Do something for yourself every day, that allows you to switch your thinking head off. It thinks it’s in control, but it really is just an illusion!

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Liz Baron Cohen is a London-based acupuncturist, psychotherapist and 5 Rhythms dance teacher.



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