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What type of healing do you do?

Sound Medicine which is the highest form of Sound Healing or Frequency Healing.

What is Sound though? Sound is a wave from the ocean of silence. Born from silence and returning to it’s source. Sound is a bridge to source within. From that source all is born and to that source all returns. All life force and healing comes from there.

In the heart of every atom pulsates vibrating energy translated into frequency and transforming itself into sound. Our physical ears can hear only a very limited sound spectrum. We would be overwhelmed If we could hear all sounds of the universe with its galaxies, solar systems and planets. Even if we could hear only the collective sound emanations from our Mother earth with all her life forms in the mineral and plant kingdom alone – we would hear infinite layers of sounds constantly.

Simplistically, we can say that all of creation is energy on different levels of vibration. What differs a stone from a plant and an animal from a human is the different frequency keys, pulses and combinations of frequency defining the specific form and its function. Our body is a symphony of sound with each organ emanating in its unique frequency. If this frequency is distorted, the organ and its function is compromised. Disease like cancer has its own unique frequency spectrum. By identifying, tuning into and changing the frequency; the cell membranes of the cancer cell for example start to disintegrate and break similarily to a mirror or glass shattering from the pitch of a high voice which comes into resonance with it.

Amongst a great variety of instruments including the power of voice, my main sound healing tool is the Didgeridoo. The ancient mother of all flutes or father of all trumpets  covers a great range of frequency through the harmonic scale along with a deep vibration of the fundamental tone, loosening up crystallisations in the physical as well as subtle bodies and energy centers; stimulating the flow of vital force and initiating self-healing processes. Before going a little deeper into the vast field of Sound Medicine though, I wish to point out that I don’t do healing.

Healing is done through me when I am in alignment with source.

All manifestations and powers come from source. Healing powers come from source. There is no one who can “do“ healing. Healing happens by grace under the right circumstances. 

The art of healing is to step aside and align to the highest, through the power of prayer, meditation and pure intention. 

Be like a hollow bamboo – straight, firm and strong through flexibility yet empty. If we are too full with ourselves we stand in the way of grace. Humbling ourselves to rise on the wings of devotion and raising the vibration will bring us in resonance with the field of pure consciousness or source energy. When we are plugged into this field we can channel the energy from there to activate the self-healing powers within those who seek healing.

Mana or merit accumulated and charging our energy field through ceremony and pilgrimage to sacred places as well as being in contact with masters and benevolent beings of course will help to channel and transmit healing processes faster and more effectively.

Daily practice of a high vibrational life style through yoga, meditation, chi movements, cultivation of sexual energy, superfoods and organic vegetarian-ideally raw- vegan diet is the foundation for a healer to become a true instrument of healing.

Trust and faith of the receiver into the healing channel is also important to allow and activate self-healing powers. Doctors have no effective influence if the patient is not receptive and willing to get well and make dedicated steps and changes for healing and better health to happen.

Some people are addicted to sickness and self-destructive tendencies.

Sound offers a tool though which a person can identify and unlock such patterns, through its gentle penetration and soothing vibration.

Inner silence is essential to hear the song of the heart which is our compass for guidance as a healer and adviser. Silence is from where all sound is born and to where all sound returns. Sound therefore is a powerful bridge to source as mentioned above.

Since 1990 I have been a pioneer in the field of sound healing, exploring sound medicine through a great variety of instruments from all around the world. Specifically, sacred instruments of the indigenous traditions like the didgeridoo of the Australian Aborigines and the Native American prayer flute as well as ceremonial medicine drums and rattles to accompany spirit chanting. Uncountable seekers have been touched by the healing sound vibration in individual and group sound medicine treatments. The soundscapes woven with tibetan- and crystal-singing-bowls, gongs, monochord, shrooti box along with the harmonics of the didgeridoo and overtone chanting function as a carpet of sound to journey through different layers of physical, emotional, mental and astral bodies to source within where all healing, rejuvenation and new strength can be found. 

Remember: Self-healing processes are initiated from a place of deep silence to which healing sound can guide us. Melting into the presence of being allows the turbulence and the motion of emotion and mind activity to come to a place of inner peace and deep rest.

Contractions and crystallisations in the subtle bodies and energy centers known as chakras can dissolve and loosen up to allow vital force to harmonise, cure and energise the body, mind, spirit organism.

These crystallisations usually have been caused by traumatic experiences in the past and can find different individual expressions to be released.

Some release may happen through physical sensations of shaking, cramping and eruption of pain-points which then can be dissolved through deep breathing into these sensations. Other release & healing may happen on an emotional or mental level through key images emerging from childhood, womb or earlier life time memories.

Within almost 3 decades of facilitating sound healing concerts and sound medicine treatments I was allowed to witness uncountable miracle healing phenomena taking place. From instantaneous physical healing to retrieval of fragmented soul parts as well as  reactivation of dormant skills, cellular and past-life memories.

I am infinitely grateful that I developed the skill and was given the gift to transmit healing power through sound and be of service for wellbeing, good health and healing individually and globally.

As one of the first European Sound Healers and Didgeridoo players I introduced the Mother of all flutes to Germany back in 1989.

This experience fulfilled prophecy and initiated the path of Sound Medicine for me and many others to follow.

When did you discover an interest in healing?

In my childhood I spent a lot of time alone in the forest playing my Prayer-flute to the Great Spirit. In response, the breath of spirit would come on wings of wind whenever I sent my prayers that way. The wind told me about major global changes which were to come and rock our world. 

I knew I had to listen deeper to the heartbeat of sacred mother earth and learn to commune and communicate with her through the mineral, plant and animal kingdom. I studied the healing power of medicinal plants from when I was 10 years old and learned to hear the song of stone through which I could read the energy of crystals and other (semi) precious stones.

Maybe this gift was transmitted through an old woman I would meet sometimes in the streets of my home town. Whenever she saw me she would come and stroke over my head. She had silver hair and her name was Mrs Ambrosia. Her touch stayed with me all my life. Later I learned that she lived alone in the forest and had mystic powers as well as knowledge of medicinal plants. My interest in healing started with hearing the song of the plants and studying their medicinal properties.

When I was 13 years old a psychic friend prophecised that one day I would do healing work with my flute. Nearly 8 years later, I discovered the mother of all flutes at the river Ganges in Varanasi – one of the oldest cities in India where music has been studied since ancient times. When I felt the sound vibration of the didgeridoo played to the pink river dolphins in the Ganges I knew this was the flute my psychic friend had seen. My energy bodies and chakras were stimulated, cleansed and expanded through the sound vibration emanating from the didgeridoo played by an Australian master called Cy Rung. I knew then that my greatest calling in this life was to explore the power of sound medicine and put my life into service of healing through sound.

How did you develop your abilities and methods as a healer?

We all carry the gift of healing. Our love is healing. Good thoughts are healing. Kindness, compassion and loving words are healing. 

A knife can be used to kill or cut the bread and feed the hungry. Our thoughts can destroy or construct. It is by the choices we make and where we put our focus that we can develop our healing qualities. Yet the gift of healing is often connected to our ancestry and bloodline as well as our individual soul journey. In my lineage there have been artists, priests and healers before me and surely they have passed their healing powers through my bloodline.

I also remember past lives where I have been an apprentice to medicine people, alchemists and healers and in time became knowledgeable and experienced enough to transmit and initiate healing. In other words I brought the gift of healing with me along with the ability to communicate with the plant kingdom and the elements. At age 17 I became apprentice to my first Medicine teacher Sun Bear who initiated me through Vision Quests, Sweatlodge Ceremonies, Medicine Wheel teachings and Earth-awareness. In my early 20s I met a psychic healer and clairvoyant who I would be working with for 7 years. He saw how the rhythm, movement, frequency and healing intention with which the sound was charged cleansed and influenced the auric field and body-mind of a client in a profound way. From this insight we developed a special system and method to treat a person with sound medicine specifically and effectively. 

Why specifically do you do this work?

If one is given a gift it is a nobel duty to share this gift. To help one another in our healing and awakening process is part of a global awakening and healing of humanity. I was told once by my teacher Sun Bear that hell is the place where we sit around a big pot of food with long spoons attached to our arms and we try to feed ourselves but can not reach our mouth and starve in agony. Heaven is the place where we sit around a big pot of food and feed one another. The greatest challenge and the greatest gift is to be a healer and dedicate our life towards the healing of our fellow brothers and sisters as well as all of our relations on the planet. By healing others we can heal ourselves and by healing ourselves we can heal others and also this sacred earth.

How do you prepare for your sessions?

As mentioned before, cultivation of energy and mind-body-spirit mastery through daily prayer, introspection, meditation, self-inquiry, physical exercise and organic raw vegan / vegetarian diet are the basis for the path of a true medicine person and healer. How can we have the clarity and purity to transmit pure healing power and unconditional love if our mind and body is contaminated with toxic self-centered negative thoughts and feelings, abusive sexual desire and greed? Pure intention and service to others is essential. By feeding others with kindness and care – we care for the greater good of all and the source of all itself.

The day of individual or group sound healing sessions I choose to eat very light or fast completely. Minimum 3 days before major healing works I choose to refrain from sexual activity or practice tao yoga to cultivate my energy for healing. The most important element for me is the power of prayer, through which I can lift myself to the highest and from where I receive strength and guidance to facilitate and transmit the healing power through sound.

Do you do ceremonies when the moon is full? 

With the waxing of the moon leading up to full moon all waters and energy rises.

The day before the official full moon is from my experience the best time to facilitate all night sound healing ceremonies, meditations and prayer works. Full moon meditations are happening globally at sacred sites in temples, ashrams and private homes.
Even though I have met people who appear to have a negative association with Grandmother Moon, 
I recognise her as an emanation of the great Mother reflecting the golden light of father sun – the heart of our solar system to illuminate our night and allow the sweet and salty waters of life to rise and circulate. The Moon is offering a time of ovulation and purification to the womb of woman through her Moon-time – the promise and preparation to receive new life. Some flowers blossom only when the moon is full but all plants reach for the light to transform the rays of the sun, the moon and the stars into medicines and nurturing energy we call food for body, mind and spirit.

Why is the full moon an important time for healing?

Since the beginning of womankind & mankind the moon has influenced and inspired our dreams, sacred cycles and rhythms not just of the oceans and sweet waters but also of our blood and emotions. Water carries information and so is our blood. Water is our life blood. The light of the moon is moving our waters and our emotions and therefore our thoughts and mind. Our mind can become more receptive for the waves of energy carrying information from the celestial bodies during full moon. The light of the moon opens our receptivity and our psychic, magic mind. Our intuition and psychic sensitivity is essential to tune into the energy bodies of those who seek healing in order to „see“ the root of a disease or sickness – may it be physically, emotionally or mentally. The celestial forces and healing powers are increasing with the rising waters guided by the moon. Therefore the full moon is a brilliant time for divination, meditation, deep inner journey work and self-reflection as well as tuning into the conscious and subconscious collective field also known as the Akashic records and source energy.

Since the dawning of humankind important initiations, sacred ceremonies and healing rituals have been practiced under the full moon or solstices and equinoxes of the sun.

What transformations have you experienced through doing this work?

The transformational process on the path of a sound medicine (wo)man or sound healer is continuous. Study of the great mystery and source of healing powers from where all healing arts develop must never stop. The fine-tuning and purification of perception and development of ones intuition, psychic abilities and healing skills are crucial.

I have gone through excruciating pain and learned to heal myself from life threatening sickness as an initiation to help heal others and develop compassion for others pain and sickness. I had to make sacrifices of comfort zones to maintain a life style which would allow me to actually effectively help people over the last several decades of my life.

By cleansing the field of a patient, a healer often takes on sickness of others and then needs to have the fire and skill to burn up and transform this sickness. Eating sickness and offering it back to source can be challenging since at times particles can get stuck and reminiscence can accumulate or linger. The healer therefore needs dedicated focus to continuously and passionately raise his vibration to such an extend that in his field alone ideally disease can not get attached but is burning up instantaneously.

The healer must have practices to gather inner strength and strengthen his inner fire. Cultivation of sexual energy is an essential part of keeping the fire pure and strong. Yogic life style and clean diet, conduct and the development of compassion as well as a sharp sword of the mind to cut through illusion, masks, veils and negative attachments is an important part of a healers journey.

Thus it is an ongoing process to fine tune, develop psychic abilities, psychological understanding and expand awareness into the subtle realities and dimensions of being.

A healer must be healthy to effectively heal and initiate self-healing processes yet without experiencing sickness and pain themself, a healer cannot really heal others nor develop true compassion and understanding of a disease.

The wounded healer is the one who is offering his life to heal others and through that heal himself. His wound also allows him to understand the wound of others and offer a healing balm through compassion and kindness in the form of his different healing arts.

What transformations have you witnessed in others?

I have been blessed to witness Sound Medicine initiating profound self-healing processes in individual treatments as well as group sound healing concerts over the last 3 decades.

We had a young Estonian woman with 5 cm tumorous cysts in her ovaries who got cured completely through one night of sound medicine application. The following day she went for a scan and the doctors could not find the cyst anymore. It was gone completely and never returned. There are many similar reports of miracle cures, healing and purification of the physical, emotional, mental and also from attachments and imbalances in the astral bodies. Several cases of patients who suffered from Tinnitus found instant release from the ringing sounds in the ears and could relax the central nervous system through the power of intentional sound.

Here is a list of QUOTES reporting the transforming experiences many international clients have received through the healing sound.

What is your favourite music to listen to?

My favourite music is crossing genre and embracing all that is beautiful to my ears and heart. In general, I enjoy sacred world music and festive sacred classical music such as George Friderich Handel. I love tibetan, celtic and african music specially HABIB KOITE, ROKIA TRAORE. Most Realworld Productions of PETER GABRIEL though I never got deep into Genesis. Every artist has unique individual jewels and raw or polished diamonds within their recording and performance career. Seldom there is a full album with every song being a score. I am an admirer of the poetic mastery of LEONARD COHEN. “If it be thy will“ is my favourite of his jewels. Peter Gabriel’s “Dont give up“ is a masterpiece specially with KATE BUSH who is a high priestess and magic witch of pop meeting world music. Her album “Hounds of Love“ is my favuorite of her music. GEORGE HARRISON and JOHN LENNON since I was a great fan collecting all albums of the BEATLES from age 10. Invaluable original Vinyls which my father sold for nothing on a flee market without consent when I left home 3 years later. George Harrisons album “All things must pass“ and John Lennon’s “Imagine“ have been important influences both for my spiritual and musical journey in Life. TONY SCOTT “Music for Zen Meditation“ has been with me since my youth as well as KEITH JARRETT “Köln Concert“. JAN GARBAREK has resonated with me since the 80s and opened a sense of melancholic longing in World Music. Also Norwegian World-jazz pianist OYSTEIN SEVÅG who mixed & mastered my song “WALKING TREE“ and Saami MARI BOINE have inspired and touched me in Life concerts and recordings. I listened to MILES DAVIS “Bitches Brew“ when I was 12 years old and John Coltrane’s wife ALICE COLTRANE and her devotional hymns called “Turiya Sings“. I was a fan of the cult band MAGMA who sang in their own (Star-)language archaic Carl Orff-like ritualistic choir when I was that age too. I met the band leader CHRISTIAN VANDER with his Stella in an epic concert back in the early 80s.

My first rockband I saw live was The WHO at age 11. I was lucky to see the legendary BOB MARLEY at a Festival at the river Rhine back then too. As a fan of DONOVAN the first song on my guitar was his interpretation of a jewish traditional called “Donna Donna” and of course BOB DYLAN’s “Blowin’ in the Wind”. THE ANIMALS “House of the Rising Sun” and ERIC BURDON & WAR inspired me with “Tobacco Road”. JIM MORRISON and his mystic presence opened THE DOORS for me with “Light my Fire”. I never was a great fan of the Stones or Elvis but appreciated some of their songs. I learned to appreciate STING in his later years releasing amazing productions like “Desert Rose” just like PAUL SIMON’s “Rhythm of the Saints”. I also listened to Eric Clapton’s early CREAM and crazy stuff like CAPTAIN BEEFHEART and his magic Band – specially later works after his Frank Zappa collaborations. The celtic/Irish Band CLANNAD came to my Hometown and mesmerised me with traditional Irish Folk Music along with Celtic Harpist ALAN STIVELL at a Festival in France.

At 13, I left school and home to travel by myself to Ireland. I saw CHUCK BERRY and other legends there on a festival but the Hare Krishna community at that Festival near Northern Ireland taught me mala japa and my chanting of the Divine Names along with George Harrisons “My sweet Lord”. I studied transcendental Meditation and the Vedas inspired by my meeting with these Monks and my love for the Beatles.
The World of Osho opened up in the early 90’s and for me through the Music of my friend MITEN, the partner of Deva Premal.  

In the commercial pop music genre I like KATIE MELUA who surprises with interpreting deep lyrics. Intricate poetry is also written and performed exquisitely by TINA MALIA and my friend MURRAY KYLE with his amazing album “Mountain Song“. I have been chanting devotional songs with him since the 90’s in Tasmania at a Rainbow Gathering. CAMPINO from the German Punk Band “Die Toten Hosen“ came to one of my sound healing journeys facilitated in a star photographers studio in Hamburg. He invited me to play on one of their tracks called “Alles ist Eins” which I covered on my German Beat Poetry album “DER WEISSE WOLF”. I have been working with one of the members of Iconic German Band KRAFTWERK in his Studio for years.

I had the honour to collaborate with “Sweet Charles“ – Keyboarder and Bandleader of JAMES BROWN on the track “Phoenix Rising” of my album under the same name where I also collaborated with one of my favourite flute and saxophone players PRAFUL.

I am also a fan of good Cello so I was lucky to record HANS CHRISTIAN – producer of the devotional world Music project RASA who I met in Mexico performing with my friends MIRABAI CEIBA who I also love and admire, along with my legendary friend and amazing musician FANTUZZI as well as JAH LEVI and SHIMSHAI.

I am currently working with an outstanding Tabla Player from St. Petersburg called JAGANNATH (Denis Kucherov) www.jaggai.com, Irish/South African artist RONAN SKILLEN.com as well as astounding Siberian multi-instrumentalist www.nadishsna.com.

Occasionally weaving sacred world music with enchanting storyline of singer CarrieTree.co.uk and Kora player of the Senegalese Cissokho family – all masters of the african Harp which I love so much.

On my latest album “Golden Dragonrider”, I was lucky to be able to invite and collaborate with many great artists I admire including Carrie Tree and Nadishana as well as Praful and Darpan from Australia beside Sufi singers from South Africa and Brazilian master Kalimba player CHANDRA LACOMBE.

My favorite music is the sacred world music and sound alchemy I craft with love and dedication and artists I admire. There is too much more fantastic music I love and got inspired by to be listed here – so thats it for now.

Kailash Kokopelli

What has your greatest realisation or learning been on your journey as a healer?

My greatest realisation came through a Satori experience in South Africa where I realised beyond the minds’ comprehension and intellectual philosophical ideas that ALL IS GOD.

In this state of expanded awareness into the field of pure consciousness through a deep self-inquiry process, I laughed like a hundred and eight Dalai Lamas. I experienced for a blissful eternal moment total freedom in the realisation that ALL IS GOD.

The sense of separation and the illusion of an individual persona disconnected from the whole dissolved into complete Oneness. There was nothing to gain and nothing to loose because “I” was inseparable from the divine presence which resided within, above, below and all around everything and everyone. There was no private ownership and nothing to fight for or do. Only true being.

“I” had everything because “I” was everything.

There was not even “I” only the whole interwoven divine consciousness as the absolute reality. “I“ was THAT and THAT was “I”.

Somehow one slips back into the incarnated soul in body yet never can completely buy back into identification once this nectar of freedom has been tasted. From that illuminated dimension countless blessing flows through sound and silence into this world.

I have learned that the journey of a healer is an ever unfolding journey embracing all aspects of life. It is not a glorious path but a humbling journey where one has to stay alert and present all the time.

Purification and cleansing rituals are an important practice not just around treatments but on a regular basis.

Every healer will be tested and challenged at times.

Sometimes a healer must be a psychologist, a magician and an alchemist.

The path of the healer is not the path of a warrior even though sometimes a healer will have to transform and ward off not just sickness and entities but attacks of shamans and black magic with the sword of unpolarised light awareness. This battle can not be a battle of hate, anger, fear or aggression but rather a dance of transformation through forgiveness and understanding. A true healer is walking the path of the heart and is constantly expanding and aligning his awareness to the Great Spirit’s field of pure consciousness and source energy from where he or she must be guided.

What is the most powerful type of healing you have personally experienced?

Love is the most powerful type of healing. Forgiveness, compassion and kindness.

All other forms of healing are just different outlets and instruments of these essential human qualities.

I have also experienced miracle healing through the power of prayer.

When we come together in ceremony to pray for those in need, a field of many blessings and healing is woven through the unified power of intention. I also experienced Huichol Healers from Mexico and psychic surgeons from Brazil and the Philippines pulling out of the body materialisations of a disease in the form of a little stone, bone or bloody tissue.

Actually the most powerful healing I experienced was when I was offering a sound medicine treatment to a cancer patient who had been given up by Doctors of western medicine. I scanned her with the sound vibration of the didgeridoo and I located the cancer in her stomach. In this moment, I realised that it was an entity – a living organism who was feeding off the host – my client. I started a subtraction process and it was so powerful that the lights went on and off in the treatment room until the fuses blew completely. It was like an exorcism. The entity was holding on and my client was contracting until I could circle in the cancer and pull it out energetically. The cancer spirit was looking immediately for a new host – in this case it was me. I had to be very clear, firm and focused to direct the spirit of the disease straight into the light where it dissolved.

Do you have one tip to share for happiness and wellbeing in everyday life?

There is a saying that “There is no path to Happiness. Happiness is the path.”

Walking in balance and beauty is the path. Wellbeing… well, dear being…

Eat cacao. Lots of it. Raw organic. Its food of the Gods and food for your soul and heart.

The food we eat is psychoactive. If you feel sluggish and depressed do not eat sluggish food lacking life energy. Only the best purest organic living food, if not vegan raw at least vegetarian with some superfoods will make you feel good and energised.

Give your body temple the best offerings only – in this life you only have this one body. Take care of it. Stop polluting it.

FLY – First Love Yourself.

Exercise. Get your body moving – if not practicing daily KACHIMO Kailash Chi Movements or Yoga, at least walk. Walking is medicine.

Walk mindfully. Walking meditation or running – either way get your circulation happening.

Meditate. Tune in to come in tune with your true essence of being. Let your breath calm your mind and quieten your waves of emotional turbulences. Become the observer beyond identification with the conditioned persona ruled by desires, thoughts, fears, feelings, belongings and sex. Happiness is a choice. A state of being – free from conditions which would influence our happiness. True happiness is not influenced by material accumulations, properties and relationships. Not even physical conditions.

Happiness is a level of awareness available right now in this given moment. You have the choice!

Listen deeply to the song of your heart as the compass for guidance. All information of who you are in essence and what your true purpose is as well as all vital force and healing powers come from source within. Tap into that inner source through prayer, meditation, sound healing journeys, chant mantras, practice the yoga of song: sing, dance and be still. Let all actions lead to deep being. Know and awaken your true self. Infinite power is sleeping there. Remember who you are.

Stay humble. A true master always remains a true student in the light of the great mystery ever unfolding. Don’t be too sure about anything. Stay alert.

Be aware. Be patient yet alert – stay awake to catch and surf the waves of synchronicity.

One moment of unawareness and we can loose everything. If we are aware we can enter through countless portals of infinite possibilities at any given moment. There are miracles around every corner.

Trust. Trust in the divine intelligence but do not forget to use your own intelligence – divine intelligence can work through your intelligence when purifying the mind with good thoughts, prayers and mantras. Trust in the God(dess) but tie your camels. Have faith. Be a light for yourself even if you seem to tap in darkness. Pay it forward – be a light for others.

Give what you want to receive! Give unconditionally without the expectation of return, then your life will be a magnet for receiving manifold from sources known and unknown. Be the answer to your own prayers.

Become a living prayer.

Counting blessings over the abundance given simply by being alive with every breath and heart beat, develop a sense of gratitude. Gratitude is the key to abundance beyond monetary values.

Gratitude is a step towards happiness.

Free yourself – travel lightly. Let go of too much attachment.

Remember the Ancestors who walked the earth before us. It is a good reminder that soon we will be ancestors to our children and future generations. Lighting a candle to those who have passed and offering food, water and wings of prayer on which the souls can journey home to source is a small but meaningful gesture.

Taking a moment to stop and remember our beloved ones who have left their earthly bodies invokes a sense of gratitude for all that our ancestors have left for us. Not just the streets we walk on and many houses we live in but the technology, machinery, instruments and tools making our lives easier in so many ways. Knowledge of healing arts, medicines, songs, dances, music, food for body mind and spirit and all what enriches our lives down to the weaving of fabric have been passed on through generations.

The main teaching of the ancestors though is that we are just guests here for a limited time and that we must use our time consciously and hopefully will be able to remember and fulfill our purpose of being. What we have is only lend to us and will return to the earth with our body. We can not take anything but our experience with us when we leave this world behind for our journey through the spirit world. Ideally we will carry good memories and leave in peace so we can travel light.

May we use our time wisely – we do not know how much time is given to us. Hopefully within this given time of our life in this body we will make a contribution to the greater good of all.

If we can not offer our life in service hopefully we try to at least avoid causing suffering and pain to others so we are not bound by negative Karma which draws us back into the wheel of reincarnation in order to harvest the fruits of our actions – positive and negative.

My prayer for all of us is that we may awaken as brothers and sisters of one human earth family, recognising that we are all related with one another and all living beings. That we remember our precious blue pearl – sacred mother earth not just as our home planet but also an extension of our own body. May we take better care of this body – because what we do to this earth we do to ourselves and the future generations.

We have a responsibility to our ancestors from which we have inherited this earth and to the children of our children we must preserve the living waters and all sacred elements of life on and beyond this planet.

May we learn to take better care of one-another and share what is lent to us in abundance, balance and beauty.

Kailash Kokopelli

What are your plans for the future, evolution of what you do?

My plan for the future is to learn from the past to be aware and present here and now.

I wish to decipher and serve the divine plan of global awakening and healing.

My aim is to create education & research centers for Sound Medicine, Organic Seed Preservation and Holistic Healing Arts.

We do not have to be seers or prophets to understand that we are in times of global major changes on the planet and moving very fast to an unavoidable cataclysmic situation where the survival of the human species and all our relations in the different kingdoms is threatened. We are a beautiful but dangerous and endangered species. We are at the verge of destroying ourselves and life on this planet.

I have had visions from early childhood of a total collapse of our manmade world and all we built. I studied medicinal and edible plants from age 10 in order to be of help for others to survive in times of crisis. Throughout my life I have been shown visions of a burnt earth and fire falling from the sky. Apparently this links with the Hopi prophecy that this time, the earth will be purified through fire. If it is a spiritual fire of global awakening or destruction is decided by our choices.

When I was 15 years old I hitch-hiked into the Italian mountains of Tuscany not far from Assisi.

An old Italian man was pouring red wine over my bare feet when I entered the mountain tavern to ask for directions to where I was staying that night. It was a blessing. That night I had a dream I will never forget. It was more of a vision filled with a light which would guide me through the rest of my life.

In my dream, I saw a luminous green meadow on which all the animals of the world stood in total stillness. Behind the animals was a huge ARK reminding me of Noah’s Ark or how it is imagined. To my left side stood a luminous woman with golden hair and water Lilly blue eyes who was in service of what was about to happen. I was in awe of the magnitude and beauty I witnessed. In the moment, I thought myself to be only a witness though something came running zigzag through the grazing animals towards me and when it was running around me in circles I saw that it was a coyote with the message that I was indeed an important part calling me to step into my place!

I understood that my purpose was to help preserve the different species to survive through a time of big transformation and chaos. I knew I had to go into the world to find allies to help with the transition shift and exodus. I knew I had to find my tribe and the land to build and prepare a metaphorical Ark, a Sanctuary. 

I found the land for my philanthropic humanitarian project in the South of Sweden where I have been the Director of an organic retreat centre and healing Sanctuary in a nature reserve with pure spring waters and golden silence on ancient ceremonial ground.

For 10 years I have facilitated ceremonies, initiations and festivals around the mystery school of “Dragonriders” and hosted hundreds of volunteers, work exchange travellers and international students at “Dragonland” http://dragoyogard.wix.com/dragoyogard  

I lost the Ark that I had crafted over a decade, along with the Sound Medicine Research Centre and organic seed preservation project linked due to lack of funding. It still is and always will be my predominant aim to establish and preserve sustainable Sanctuaries for the future generations, holistic healing and education centers and Temples of refuge worldwide as stepping stones through times of global changes.

Currently,  I am working on a plan to gather financial resources to preserve and build this and many other Sanctuaries around the globe for the children of our children. I am welcoming support in all possible forms may it be in the form of donations of land or resources, manpower or financial donations. 

Since my archetype and lineage is from the clan of the Kokopelli – the bard like flute-playing seed carriers, story-tellers and messengers between the tribes, my soul’s calling and aim is to build organic seed vaults globally additionally to supporting education and research centres for sound medicine.

Anything else you would like to mention or share ?

I am currently traveling with international students and offering teachings in practise and eduction around: Sound Medicine, Kachimo Kailash Chi Movements, Ceremony, Prayer works and Medicine Walks.

Anyone who has the higher calling to study with me on my mobile mystery school between November 2016-July 2017 is welcome to make contact.

November-December 2016: Guatemala, Lake Atitlan,

January-February 2017: Cape Town, South Africa,

February 2017: Namibia

March 2017 Bali

Equinox: New Zealand 

April 2017 China 

May 2017 The Netherlands

June 2017 Finland and Italy

July 2017 Hungary 

I am offering individual and group sound medicine treatments worldwide as well as sound healing concerts, ceremonies, pilgrimages and a sacred Safari from Jan 28th to Feb 12th in Namibia. https://www.facebook.com/events/1460121884005196/

You can book & host Kailash Kojopelli for individual treatments or group healing sessions, for private or public Sound Healing concerts. 

The sound healing or sound medicine concert offers a sacred key to journey to source within where all healing powers can be found. A yoga of song and silence. An inner journey on soundscapes of the Medicine Drum, Spirit Chants, Native American Flute, Crystal Singing Bowls, Didgeridoo and devotional heart songs around the Worldstick – a magical string instrument crafted in golden means. Not just Chakras and Auric field are purified but 72.000 Energy channels aka Nadis are cleansed for the prana life force to flow, strengthening health and vitality. Clarity of body mind and spirit arrive through the power of mantra meditation and sound medicine.

Welcome to the nectar pool of the heart flower blossoming – remember who you are.

Kailash Kokopelli

About Kailash Kokopelli:

Like the mythological Kokopelli – the flute playing seed carrier and messenger between the tribes, Kailash Kokopelli is planting inspirational healing seeds through his flute song, devotional heart-songs & spirit chants into the heart and minds of those around him. He is also working with sustainable projects and organic seed saving. 

Kokopelli is internationally recognised as a cross-cultural bridge-maker, a medicine man and humanitarian artist working with indigenous people around the planet.

As a world music producer, multi-instrumentalist and expert in Sound Medicine he offers his instruments as prayer tools and keys to initiate self-healing processes. Doors of expanded perception are being unlocked through his mystic songs and medicine chants to commune with Source. The sound of his unique string instrument known as Tritar or Worldstick carries his Heartsongs, healing mantras and sung prayers into the world as an invitation to practice the Yoga of Song and sing along to co-create a unified energy field of grace where miracles can take place.

Inspired by his uncountable ceremonies and studies with Indigenous Medicine People since age 17, Kailash facilitates prayer works and masters the Native American Prayer Flute as well as the mother of all flutes as one of the first european Didgeridoo players who has been working with the healing effect of sound since 1989. Besides his spirit chants and overtone invocations accompanied by his medicine drum and Indian Shrooti Box, he teaches Sacred Songdances for Peace and Healing Chi Movements known as KACHIMO or DragoYoga at the Mobile Mystery School all around the globe. www.kailash-kokopelli.com


SOUTH AFRICA TV INTERVIEW: http://youtu.be/4kih6McsN1Y

Ancestor Song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KfBTNRYufgI

Healing Song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1gbLN4PO_FY

Starseed Blues https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lb7W4lEoKnE 

Walking Tree Songdance: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hbcIg0saLmM

Prayer Flute: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UshvqxJWHkY

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