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When did you discover an interest in healing?

My interest in healing began as an interest in preventing suffering. Being a small kid I remember saving our local ants from being killed by the boy next door. I couldn’t bear other kids ostracised or bullied at school, I often used to stand in and protect them – I was just more attuned to others feelings. I loved to sit for hours with my rabbits just stroking them. I knew I had this protective, nurturing capacity within although this was never reflected back to me and I could not put it into words until at 24 I had a powerful experience which catapulted me directly onto a spiritual path, opening doors that I didn’t know existed. I still didn’t know where I was going, but I just knew it made complete sense, and it felt like I had finally come home and found the direction of my calling. It ignited my heart and passion like nothing else.

What made you decide to become a healer?

It depends on how you define ‘healer’. We are all healers, healing ourselves and others as we go through life. But I was increasingly getting messages that the universe wanted me to work directly with people’s emotional, spiritual and psychological issues using spirit, rather than just my everyday self. I felt progressively pushed in directions away from more mainstream ways of helping others into more alternative approaches. Although for many years I was balancing mainstream jobs with healing others, straggling different aspects of myself like I was walking a tightrope – not able to really show my true self as I was somewhere still ashamed of it. Strangely, I finally went full time (with yet another universal push) when I realised that I was no longer resistant to my ‘day’ job or my everyday self – something settled within and the inner conflict was resolved. I had come to terms with life’s learning pace and had accessed a deep patience for it taking just some time. At that point, my transition and readiness to be a full time healer (without a day job), was complete and I found myself having a full client base. I needed a few pushes along the way and a lot of trust in my heart’s desire to do this work.

What type of healing work do you do?

This is a difficult question to answer. I combine many approaches from shamanic, astrological, the Earth Path (Soul Plan system), Process Oriented Psychology, body psychotherapies, and most importantly the Ascended Masters, Sacred fire and Goddess tradition. I don’t do hands on healing, but a lot of following my own awareness and feeling, working with pure intention, as well as invoking higher levels of consciousness. I align myself with what the soul is trying to learn and help the person also get aligned with that. But that’s just a small aspect of the work. Essentially, its supporting people’s Higher Self take up more residence.

What does a healing session with you involve?

There can sometimes at first be a degree of diagnosis and I use my awareness to follow the client’s process in the moment – what their consciousness, energy, body as well as their conscious minds tell me, and then let nature show me the way forward. I hold it all and see where the natural process needs to go. Essentially, the idea is to support a client’s higher self to show up and show them where it wants them to go to be happier. I have increasingly found that just about anything can happen in a session – from silent stillness, to expelling dense energy, to blissful states of consciousness and expansion to dragon roaring. Following the Tao means you never quite know where you are going and where you will end up.

How did you develop your abilities and methods?

In my 20s and 30s, I explored many avenues of spirituality from more traditional to some very contemporary. I went on many courses, read many books, worked with many teachers and I loved just turning up at lectures and talking with people. I have always been innately curious and so I just trained and trained. I wasn’t afraid to spend all my money on my personal development as I knew it wouldn’t go to waste and would pay off in time.

Why specifically do you do this work?

It makes my soul and heart sing, it challenges me in the way I need and it’s what I can offer the world. I am continually growing and learning about myself in this work, as well as learning about life and other people, and I feel like I’m a perpetual student. Also I suspect its the only thing I could do, I didn’t make a very good Personal Assistant and I don’t fit in the mainstream, so I figured I needed to go my own way and then bring the mainstream to me.

How do you prepare for your sessions?

I connect with my Higher Self, check in with myself, notice what’s within me and make no assumptions or judgments about whether it’s my own or my clients’ field of consciousness (as its all part of the same field). In terms of taking care of myself, I actively make sure I don’t invest too much in anything that lowers my vibration, but I also keep the perspective that my inherent loving nature is far more powerful than anything that could possibly ever lower my vibration, that way it doesn’t have any energy over me.

What transformations have you experienced through doing this work?

Both gentle and profound transformations. Some have been painful too. The most profound and positive of which was when I received my first ever Goddess Initiation. It shifted my consciousness to a place where I was finally able to experience love for myself. When I then started initiating other women through the Goddess, I then began to experience a deep love for others. More subtle transformations have come through my studies of Process Work – I am indebted to some amazing teachers and students in the Process Work community who have challenged, pushed and deeply accepted me.

What transformations have you witnessed in others?

I love seeing the penny drop in sessions or when people move out of their relationship polarisations and begin to access more unity and wholeness with others. These are sometimes very small and subtle transformations, but ones we never forget. I’ve also seen people in the midst of distressing emotions one minute, shift to a complete stillness and peace the next. Often it is the small transformations that feel the most profound and sacred.

What has your greatest realisation or learning been?

That’s a big question. To honour all life experience as our teachers, and that if we are wise enough and take the time, we can find ourselves in everyone else’s experiences at some point in our lives and that it’s less about changing who we are into something dramatically different and more about just simply reconnecting with our original nature.

What is the most powerful type of healing you have personally experienced?

The sacred Goddess initiations – the White Fire, Isis and Gate of Grace Initiation channelled by White Eagle of the Whirling Rainbow Foundation.

kate surgey

What is your favourite music/artists to listen to?

Florence and The Machine, Ashana, Eivor Palsdottir, Kate Bush

Do you have one tip to share for happiness and wellbeing in everyday life?

Yes, be curious and open about other people’s viewpoints and get interested in where others are coming from. With that, get good at knowing your own truth and listening to others’ truths.

What are your plans for the future evolution of what you do?

I am currently putting together a Spiritual Counselling training programme beginning March 2017 and we will be running our next Abundant Goddess Programme early next year, with my colleague Sage Emery. We also have our Abundant Goddess Community of women who with us, continue to spread the message of the Goddess and Divine Mother’s presence; grounding her presence in our own lives and that of others, which is the essence of all this work.

Is there anything else you would like to mention or share? 

Spiritual Counselling

The Abundant Goddess

Programmes and Retreats

Free Community of Women

Free Transformational Tools

The Abundant Goddess on Facebook

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Highlight : Larissa Israel



“Music is the Medicine of the future” (Edgar Cayce)

You are music. Be in unison with who you are.

I offer intuitive sessions, divinely guided and based on a system of correspondences between acupuncture, TCM, the five elements, meridians and chakra-system. Through this holistic approach to honouring the soul, we may understand, release and integrate what needs to be resolved on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level. Sacred sounds and Tama-Do sound acupuncture are applied as medicine with gentle but powerful resonance. They recalibrate what is out of tune and absorb your whole being into a relaxed, meditative state; allowing for a deep sense of regeneration, energy grounding, well-being and happiness. Soft rainbow coloured silk scarves and natural essences are combined s with the frequency of light and pure healing energy so you are gently guided into deep surrender and taken on a multi-dimensional, multi-sensory journey in a safe and therapeutic way.

Within all this, my role is not to heal, but to reflect back to you your innate capacity to heal yourself and reflect back your own inner knowing about the divinity of your being; holding a space of love in alignment with the highest good of all.

For me personally and especially as a sound healer, music is one of the most wonderful ways to literally bring us into unison. However, sound is just one expression of frequency. Qi-energy, colour, light and love all operate simultaneously on different levels of vibration as consciousness throughout the entire universe. The more we are aware, the more we can chose what works best for us and remember that we have it all inside us already.

This understanding grew stronger over time for me, with music as my guide into rich challenges and adventures; wether in a prison, a church, a kindergarten, in India or in the Bronx…

During my time as creative project director with the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra, one of my favourite experiences was working with young music students in the Bronx. We dove into the core themes of Stravinsky’s Firebird: victim, innocence, ritual, initiation, leadership and wisdom. When asking them about their feelings or what truly moves them, deeply repressed and precarious issues were surfacing sometimes with tears or anger. It was incredibly touching to see the enormous creative potential pouring outward from their innermost beings. Hearing them sing so powerfully from the heart with perfect rhythm, seeing their joy about their own voices was such a moving experience. It felt like they were willing to show us their souls.

I will also never forget holding my breath in awe when we saw this twelve year old boy, who couldn’t hear or speak, fully embrace the double bass standing in the corner of the class room during our project break in a school for students with special needs. He was silent and listening deeply inside the instrument as if he could hear its three hundred year old story, holding it with so much care and love. Rudolf Watzel had tears in his eyes and later said that when playing that bass again “it feels like the sound has been soul in-spired“.

Our first big education dance project under Sir Simon Rattle was beautifully recorded by the award winning documentary film “Rhythm is it!“. This project in 2002 gave rise to a new approach for the orchestral music and dance scene around the world. Personally it gave me the opportunity to work on an international level as a guest lecturer at cultural institutions and universities to enhance the awareness of music and its impact on society.

Yet, why did I choose to leave behind this work that had been my dream for ten years, culminating in directing over 65 different creative music projects internationally; and instead venture into the healing arts – “following the energy” and going where life asks me to be?

It started with the innocence of children singing and a surprising encounter in India in 2005 until it became a non-resistible inner urge and conscious decision. Whist I was silently waiting in a long queue somewhere in Mumbai, suddenly this old lady in her colourful sari turned around and asked me out of the blue “What instrument do you play?“ I was taken aback. Compared to the Berlin Philharmonic I didn’t consider myself a musician at all, for I had no classical training, even though I was very musical. When in my confusion I didn’t answer, she said with her Indian accent which I will never forget “because there is so much music coming out of you!“. During our music projects the focus was on creativity, on “doing“ music and all of a sudden I understood that it is all about “BEING“ music and being the music that we already are. It took me some time however to fully understand the deep impact this sentence had on me and my life purpose.

Eventually, I understood that sound and the higher vibrations of color, light and love have the power to unveil the information stored in our cellular memory system since the very beginning, Sound, colour, light and love can all help us to access various timelines of our perceived past and future dimensions. I understood that there was nothing to learn intellectually (a huge leap for someone like me holding two university master degrees) but to remember and simply to BE. We all have our very special talent, a unique gift shining forth through our simple BEING. Our true task in life is to BE and this has nothing to do with performance or my all too German conditioning that things will only be good through a lot of hard work, assiduity and strain. With this profound realisation, in 2006 things started happening to me without my wanting or looking for it. Important teachers came into my life. I was initiated into my spiritual name Saraswati and the energy shift provoked a deep spiritual awakening into the unconditional love of oneness with all that is. I had always followed my heart, knowing exactly where to live, study and work, but there was a new consciousness in this divinely guided flow and every day-life was warm, easy, happy and filled with lightness – a lightness of BEING. I developed an even deeper sense of trust that gave me strength and perseverance for the new level of challenges I encountered. Just like the blissful experiences, vulnerability, sensitivity, sorrow and pain also gained in intensity and force, yet I was able to observe, accept and integrate them much quicker and calmer. This inner shift provoked an outer one and eventually I had the guts to quit my job.

I stepped out of my western world to undergo a full de-identification process and deeply let go. A process with its own laws and timing and all I knew was that I wasn’t allowed to limit it. I went to live in Bali (all together for more than a year) embracing a very simple and slow paced life style. I just took my beloved singing bowls that I had started to use intuitively for better sleep and to heal some ailments within my family but without really knowing what I was doing. Jumping into the unknown like that, I gave my full trust to God every day.

Suddenly, before I knew it I was part of the Bali Sound Healers Collective, giving workshops at the Yogabarn in Ubud and the Bali Spirit Festival. It only seemed conclusive to jump on a plane to Switzerland to study at the Tama-Do Academy of Sound, Color and Movement with Fabien Maman. In addition to my previous healing certifications I had also learned from Indian Swamis, Mongolian Shamans, Balinese Healers and several years with a German medical doctor and mystic. On my path, I became ever more grateful to my family and also to all those teachers in my daily life, who triggered me and put obstacles in my way. On a more subtle level, the spirits of nature, animals, trees, flowers, the elements, light and all which exists beyond words, guide me into fuller awareness of my higher self and life story. Having survived an extreme premature birth against all odds with near-death experiences over several months, I had realised that my entire life was imbibed by God’s grace – like that of everyone else – as well as the power of unconditional love from my parents, family and the skill of medical doctors. Despite this trauma and early struggle to live, my deep trust in the divinity of life has been forged ever since. It continuous to forge my vision to tune into a higher cosmic order as a collective so that we can, through our very vibratory presence, become stronger conduits of harmony and love in this world.


With this understanding, the Healing Arts – and for me especially sound healing – provide a guidance to reconnect with who we truly are in aligning ourselves with the very substance of the universe.



Larissa Israel is the founder of “Unison Healing”, where she dedicates her energy and being to the healing arts including sound healing, quantum trance therapy, energy healing and consciousness coaching. She offers private individual treatments, workshops, seminars, lectures and retreats in many different countries (Europe, Canada, Taiwan, Bali a.o.) having her current basis when not traveling in the spacious green countryside in Lotte (Germany) where she grew up. Recently, she started to collaborate with medical doctors and physiotherapists for she witnessed spontaneous healings in her clients whilst holding space for them. She is also part of the Bali Sound Healer’s Collective as well as the Healing Arts Festival in Berlin. Larissa’s up-coming offers include:

Sound Healing Meditations in Lotte, Germany: 12th, 19th & 26th April

Your voice: hearing and being heard in Lotte, Germany: 15th & 22nd April

Transformative Workshop with Swami Mahesh in Osnabrück, Germany: 29th April

Sound Healing & Yoga Workshop in Palma de Mallorca, Spain: 8th May

Retreat Purity & Joy at Tripura Mallorca, Spain: 2-5th June

Workshops and private treatments at the Healing Arts Festival Berlin, Germany: 30-31st July 2016

European Sound Healing Tour with Shervin Boloorian: July & August 2016.

Regarding Larissa’s offers for businesses and institutions, please check the initiative “8mal8 des Lebens” http://www.insa-cup.de

You can contact Larissa Israel: unisonhealing@gmail.com

For more information: www.unisonhealing.com

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Highlight : Brett Bevell


Excerpt from The Wizards Guide To Energy Healing: 

Chapter 1 What Is Energy Healing?

THE UNIVERSE IS CONSCIOUS. I first recognised this two decades ago when I began engaging a number of alternative healing techniques to overcome my own childhood trauma, trauma which was complex and deep, far too complex for traditional psychotherapy to conveniently unwind. As I engaged these techniques, which ranged from shamanic healing to rebirthing to energy healing, I noticed quick and radical changes that were very positive beginning to happen in my own life. I also noticed my own level of awareness grew, my intuition became more sharp, and I was overcome with the constant peculiar sense that the universe was conscious and aware of me. The deeper down I went exploring these alternative methods of healing, the better I felt about myself and my body, and my emotional awareness grew. I was able to eventually feel the energetic attachments between me and those who had abused me decades ago. I was then taught how to sever and release those attachments, these energetic strings that had kept me like a puppet victim for so many years no matter how much traditional therapy I did. Once those attachments were cut, I felt empowered to be free and have been on an amazing journey ever since.

Energy healing works with the premise that everything in existence is made of light and has an energetic signature. This concept corresponds with the string theory in modern physics that the smallest, most basic particles of creation are oscillating and vibrating, almost like the music from the strings of a guitar. These energy signatures affect us all the time. If we are in a room that is full of joy, we feel that vibration. Similarly, if you enter a room where people have been fighting and arguing it often holds a very different energetic signature, what some might call bad vibes. What energy healing does is address those fundamental energetic signatures, even those energetic signatures from the past that can impact the present and future.

We cannot change past events, but we can change the notes, the tune that those strings from the past are sending into the future. We can also change the energetic signatures of our own cells for physical healing, as well as change the energetic signatures in our emotions to change how we feel about ourselves and the world.

A Magical Awakening healing session is actually quite creative from the healer’s point of view. The healer goes into a place of deep listening, allowing the Divine consciousness within the energy itself to unfold and teach the healer what needs to happen next. It is more a healing art and not a science. This also allows the healer to let go of their ego, let go of the need to fix or heal anyone. Instead, they are simply playing with numerous Divine energetic signatures the same way a musician riffs on various notes during a jazz improv session. The beauty and joy of this is often felt as much by the healer as the person being healed, though the positive healing results for the person receiving the healing are astonishing. One person whom I gave three treatments to told me it changed their life and that they no longer felt the need to be in therapy after fifteen years. Also, a Magical Awakening session can be sent to numerous people simultaneously. At Omega Institute, where I work and teach, I often give half hour long sessions to a room of twenty or more people all simultaneously, and have on rare occasion worked on as many as one hundred people at once.

Energy healing at this level leads the healer into awakened states of consciousness, often being able to see karmic patterns, past life issues, and even the core spark of Divinity residing inside each person. As you learn to unwind the debris that covers that core spark, more light begins to shine outward into all aspects of your life. You also begin to realize that the universe itself is a dream, a playful dream. As a healer, you loosen, let go, laugh, and come to realize you are playing with the Divine and nothing more, that the joy of energy healing at its deepest level is simply energetic play, a game with the Divine. I do not even think of Magical Awakening healers as being practitioners as much as wizards, like the great wizard Merlin.

Magical Awakening has its roots in the lineage of Merlin and the healing power of The Grail. The beauty of this system is that not only is it one of the most powerful energy healing systems I have been shown in terms of what one can accomplish with it, but it also works to free the mind of the wizard healer who uses it. Magical Awakening always requires that the wizard healer be fully present, open as a child, without preconceptions to where the healing is going to go. The wizard healer is asked to listen intuitively to the energy itself, and to play with it. Through this sense of magical play it is constantly reinforcing that the universe itself is a dream, a playful dream. We are nothing but haikus, little wonderful poems created by Divine imagination. It is through this playful dance that we realize we are nothing at all, and we then know simultaneously that we are everything.

Just to continue in a wizard’s spirit of play, if you would like to experience yourself inside a bubble of Divine consciousness simply put your finger inside the zero and keep it there was long as you wish


Brett Bevell is author of the books The Wizards Guide To Energy Healing, Energy Healing for Everyone, New Reiki Software for Divine Living, The Reiki Magic Guide to Self-Attunement, and Reiki For Spiritual Healing. A poet and performance artist, he is also author of America Needs a Woman President and America Needs a Buddhist President, a poem that initially aired nationwide on NPR’s All Things Considered.

Since receiving his Reiki master initiation in 1995, Bevell has dedicated himself to discovering new Reiki techniques that work collaboratively with the higher self. These simple techniques are not only highly effective, but also shift Reiki into a practice of daily living that can transform even the most mundane aspects of our lives into works of healing.

Also a spoken-word artist, Bevell has electrified audiences around the world with his live oral recitations, and he has often been compared to the late poet Allen Ginsberg. His writing has received critical acclaim from authors such as Anne Waldmen, John Perkins, and has appeared in numerous magazines, including Earth First Journal and Tricycle. Bevell’s poetry is featured on several CDs and is part of NPR’s permanent website archives.

What People Are Saying About Brett Bevell

“Brett Bevell crosses the boundaries of time, reaching beyond Reiki ‘modality’ to reveal the true meaning of healing…inspiring the awakening soul to return to wholeness.”

—Elizabeth Harper, author of Wishing: How to Fulfill Your Heart’s Desires

“Brett Bevell outlines simple methods for utilizing the Universal Life Force Energy as a tool for spiritual awakening…powerful practices that can enlighten, as well as heal.”

— Llyn Roberts, author of Shamanic Reiki

“Brett Bevell teaches us how to shift every aspect of life, from the food and water we put into our bodies to the past, present, and future.”

— David Morehouse, PhD, author of Psychic Warrior

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