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It goes without saying really, that Bjork is one of the most important artists of the 21st Century and is fully attuned to the possibilities of healing through voice, sound and music. Her otherworldly qualities often suggest that she is a creature somewhere between human, superhuman and extra terrestrial; yet her constant humility and contradictory mix of fragility and strength are beyond endearing. She is a true living icon and a talent like no other.

We love this behind the scenes video on the making of her album Black Lake.

She is always full of surprises with every new album she offers and with a plethora of talented collaborators in her creative embrace. Her look and sound are always on the cutting edge of style and innovation and her new album Utopia is nothing less than mind-blowingly impressive both sonically and visually.

Check out the latest music video for “Blissing me out” and then go and have some fun browsing around her website BJORK HOMEPAGE and listen to/buy the new album BJORK UTOPIA  and you will likely find yourself being transported into multiple other dimensions at the same time.

Video credits:

Directed by Tim Walker & Emma Dalzell Creative Direction by Björk Director of Photography – James Henry Lighting Director – Paul Burns Producer – Jeff Delich Stylist – Edda Guðmundsdóttir Dress – Pam Hogg Shoes by Gucci Braid ornaments – James Merry Makeup Artist – Hungry Steady Cam Operator – Tommi Marshall 1st Assistant Camera – Þór Elías 2nd Assistant Camera – Daníel Gylfason Gaffer – Finni Sænski DIT – Benedikt Vilborgar Og Jóhannesson Local Production – Oli Páll Torfason & Daddi Bjarna Post Production – Coffee & TV

Blissing Me Lyrics:

All of my mouth was kissing him now into the air i am missing him is this excess texting a blessing or just two music nerds obsessing he reminds me of the love in me i’m celebrating on a vibrancy sending each other mp3s falling in love to a song this handsommest of wickermen he asked if i could wait for him now how many lightyears this interim while falling in love with his songs his hands are good in protecting me touching and caressing me but would it be trespassing wanting him to be blissing me robbing him of his youth cliffhanger like suspension my longing has formed its own skeleton bridging the gap between singletons sending each other these songs the interior of these melodies is perhaps where we are meant to be our physical union a fantasy i just fell in love with so i reserve my intimacies i bundle them up in packages my rawward longing far too visceral did i just fall in love with love?

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Highlight : Amelia Powers

Photo by Philip Volkers

I’m sitting here with my pendulum, rose quartz. I always use it because it’s gentle. I’m trying to program it. It’s wonderful we’re talking because I have been on the journey of the retrieval of the soul. Do you know what that is?

Can you tell us about that? It sounds very profound.

The journey of the retrieval of the darkness of the soul is where you literally have to go through your past lives and your current life problems to heal the soul. That is part of my understanding from all my past lives. I understand why I was given this gift of a brain tumor and the point is to make me more enlightened. People might find that quite shocking to hear that I think it’s a gift. I understand what I’m doing is to better me in this life and also to take me forward in the next. Depending on the soul journey in each of our lives, the way we behave takes us forward or backward in our lessons in the next life. I wonder if it is ever completed?

What the world needs to understand and what is missing in the modern world, is the connection between people.

When people get sick every person is treated with the same treatment but we’re all completely different human beings and individuals. What’s come to light for me, is that we’re our own individuals on an individual life path. Whether you have children or a husband, you are one separate being connected with all beings. You cannot possibly treat every patient with the same medicine because everybody is individual and reacts differently. People’s minds think differently, their souls are either asleep or awake like mine, but most humans are “asleep”. How I see it is, a doctor goes and studies in a specialised subject and they are taught to treat-let’s say in my case a brain tumor with A, B and C. However, everybody has a different life path and a different physical reaction and every person is in a different stage of health and age. You have to bring individuality, spirituality and treatment into the person with the illness.

People could also start to incorporate the idea that emotional stress or pain can eventually manifest into the physical. Treatment would be much more successful if individualized to each human being, eliminating the theory of one pill suits all.

I had a conversation with my doctors when I initially met them and one of the first questions they asked me was “Have you had trauma in your life?”. I was told that they were quite shocked that somebody my age had an astrocytoma grade 3 brain tumor. Everything is connected. I personally have a very karmic life journey. My intention is to to use my experience and persona to talk about the healing choices I made and have had success with. I truly believe that is the main reasons I am still here. When I was diagnosed and told that I would not survive, I made the most profound intention with spirit -that if I was kept alive, I would spend the rest of my life helping others to heal. My intention is to live up to that agreement in the best way I can. I experienced western medicine that failed me and then a gentle holistic medicine which has healed both my tumor and me entirely, in a completely different way.

Your journey starts from the second you arrive in this world and I had to fight for my life. I was a premature baby! I understand it. I get it. I also understand, in this life I had to go through that experience because it set me up for battling this way through life. The doctors told me that a tumor can grow up to 20 years in the brain but every patient is different. So you can have a grade 1 or 2 that’s not malignant growing in your brain very slowly for maybe 10 to 15 years and then suddenly, it can accelerate into a palliative brain tumor, which is what happened to me. They don’t know for sure, but it can be that long which would make sense to me because of the trauma I experienced in my past.

My marriage was coming to an end and I went to stay at a healing retreat and met a Shaman there. She asked me to do a ceremony under the full moon. She didn’t tell me what to do and the next morning I told her what I’d done and she said “I did not tell you what to do, but you knew exactly what to do.” She was right, I did instinctively know what to do- a way of building a fire where you take all of your pain and write it on paper and throw it into the fire to release and let the pain go so the healing can begin. I started on this journey with her and for 10 years, I studied with her nearly every day for about two hours a day. We discussed everything from my past lives to Egyptian history, to Atlantean history. She said to me “You know this information” and something in my head was like “oh yeah, I think I do”. I started to connect very much the Shamanic people and profound teachings. After 10 years of studying shamanism, quantum thinking and quantum theory; I really attached to quantum healing, quantum physics, whatever you want to call it. The power of the mind. The power of the word. Your intention and connection with spirit. It’s been a long journey and during the journey, I collapsed with a brain tumor.

I’ve had some very profound meetings with Spirit. Once, towards the end of my marriage when my ex-husband and I were on a trip to Peru. Boy did I connect at the top of the walk and something happened on that trip. The more we journeyed up the mountain I was like “I know this place. I know this. But how do I know this?” It was to be the most profound connection to Spirit and experience in my life thus far. When we finished the trip we went to the Galapagos and we went out onto boats and there were too many people in these boats. We all went down scuba diving and the Captain of the boat kicked my face. I lost my mask and panicked and I lost my regulator. I did what you shouldn’t do- I swam straight to the top- which is how you get the bends and you can die. I came out of the water, and I could see my husband following me. I saved my own life because I coughed and threw up instead of breathing in. To my shock, when I turned around he’d left me in the middle of the ocean and swam back down. So I was suddenly alone. There was a Peruvian man that didn’t speak any English with a dingy. And he pulled me onto the dingy. And I was like “shit, I’m going to get the bends!”. He took me back to the catamaran and nobody in the group had noticed I’d gone, not the captain, none of them. I went back onto the boat and I started speaking to Spirit. I was really frightened.

When we were in Peru before we climbed the mountain, we went into a church and a spiritual woman gave me these toffees and with it she gave me a little picture, which I have upstairs, of Jesus being whipped. When I got back on the boat this stamp was in the middle of the floor. How it appeared to me there, I have no idea.

The two guys running the boat were Peruvian. They didn’t speak English. I sat kind of rocking in the shower. Thankfully one of the guests on the boat came back onto the boat and was a professional diver, he said “You have to get back in the water immediately because you’ll get the bends. You have to go back in.” I was like “no way” I was so frightened. He said “I will come with you down to the bottom and I will be your eyes, but you have to go back in. Because you need to get oxygen back in.” He was amazing and he free dived as I went down and said “follow the chain to the sea bed.” It was the clearest, purest blue. I asked Spirit to please, send me two sea lions or two creatures to comfort me. Within minutes, they appeared like a gift from heaven. It still moves me to think about it. Two sea lions just arrived and they swam around me and then two hermit crabs followed by two turtles passing by me. I was like “wow, I asked and it appeared” and from that moment, I knew there was something else with me guiding me and I have felt that way every since.

Once I knew there was that protection there, I could really connect with guides, and it all started to happen. My third eye opened and I started doing readings for people. I found out I’m what’s called a clairsentient, clairaudient, and clairvoyant. I have developed as a pure clairsentient, I’m an empath and very clairvoyant. However, I don’t tell anybody their future and I am against people predicting the future. The future should just happen and that’s the whole point. I have never taken any money for it because I don’t believe in that. I think the reason people respect me is because I never took any money so it was pure spirit.

All of these things started to happen while I was training with my healing teacher over a long period of time. All along, I’ve had this inner strength, no matter what is thrown at me- I rise. What disturbs me is how I come into my own when the shit really hits the fan. If you give me the worst set of circumstance, that’s when I become really strong but I’m tired of that. I am entering a more peaceful and loving place. The more I heal, the more my life heals and my world opens up with loving connections.

When I got sick it happened very suddenly during the night. An encounter with a very negative situation made me collapse. This was to teach me that there are negative people who come into your life and they’re very important because the negative people if you understand it, push you to become more positive. You have to thank the negative people because they’re there for a reason. Positive people are there as a gift. Negative people are there for the lessons and you have to take note of why they’re negative and turn a negative into a positive- if you understand how to deal with it. I was to discover all of this through the diagnosis of a brain tumor.

The night I collapsed was to be my biggest test in my own spiritual journey. I woke up and threw up and went back to bed. I woke up in the morning and I looked at my phone, I couldn’t read or understand anything on the phone which I thought was a bit odd. I then spent the entire day just being sick every 15 minutes and the pain in my head just was like “oh my God!”. It wasn’t until the evening that I finally went to A&E and I sat for over six hours in emergency with a sick bowl. I was seen by a junior doctor and I told them that I couldn’t recognize any words.” The Doctor said I was having a bad migraine, and they sent me home with a couple of Paracetamol and some fluids in my body. The next day when I woke up I collapsed again on the stairs but still decided to take a trip to Italy that I had already booked to go to Bologna for the leather fair. My logic clicked in, so I got on the plane on Monday and in the airport I couldn’t read the gate, which I thought was odd. I remember going up to people with the yellow tops on in the airport saying “Excuse me. Could you tell me where my gate is because I can’t read anything?” I don’t know what I was thinking getting on a plane, but I got on a bloody plane and went to Bologna.

In the hotel the night before the fair, I went to bed and I woke up again and this time it was really frightening. I looked in the mirror and my face was completely distorted. It was like my lips were over here, my eyes were over there. I took three aspirins and then suddenly at the fair I felt really strange I said “ please I need an ambulance” and then I woke up totally disorientated in an Italian hospital. I was obviously going in and out of consciousness but then I was seen by a doctor and she said “I really think we have to keep you here and you need to have a CAT scan.” Again, my logic kicked in and I refused as my flight was in a few hours and I wanted to be back home and the doctor said to me “You need to have a cat scan tomorrow”. I got on the plane and went back to The Hospital in London and sat there for another four hours and then finally had a CAT scan five days after I had first collapsed at home.

Eventually, a woman walked in and she looked at me and my mother and said “Amelia, I need you to sit down” she continued, “We have found a massive shadow on your brain.” And it’s like said in slow motion and she said “We don’t know what it is, but we have to take you to a specialist hospital immediately.” Then there were standard tests to determine what was wrong, including a lumbar puncture in my spine when they took fluid from the spinal cord, because they thought maybe I had an infection of the brain.

When the doctor came up to me, I could see that they were about to deliver some very bad news which they did. then they said “we  ‘re not really sure what it is, so we want to do a little biopsy. So they take a tiny cut into the skull and I think they take a piece of whatever’s in the brain and I said “No, no, no.” because I didn’t want to be operated on twice. Then my intuition kicked in once again and I insisted they just go straight ahead and do a debunking operation.  They looked a little perturbed at my insistence. All I can say is that I knew that something had to be removed at this stage. They told me that no one had ever asked them to bypass the biopsy before but I said “You need to take this out of my brain.” I remember them looking at me going “who is this woman?”. They sent me home with a debunking operation date for 3 weeks later.

My operation on the 30th April 2012 lasted 8 hours with 3 main neuro-surgeons and 12 people in the room. I had to sign papers to say I probably wouldn’t survive the operation and if I did, I could be paralyzed, blind, and paraplegic. I was told it was very dangerous and I was in no doubt that I would come out of it. I flatlined at some point during the operation and experienced a tunnel of pure white light but it clearly wasn’t my time to cross over. Spirit obviously had other plans for me.

The debunking operation revealed a more serious situation than I could ever have imagined. The Doctors told me I had one of the rarest brain tumors- an incurable grade 3 anaplastic astrocytoma brain tumor. The Doctors looked pretty perplexed at the rarity, the size and the severity of my situation for my age. I was told this was incurable and that they wanted me to have six weeks of radiation and chemo to the brain, which only had a 30% chance of working to give me possibly 18 months to live. This was not in their opinion to save my life, simply to give me some more time.

I was told that my treatment was going to be six weeks of radiation and temozolomide chemo every day to the brain for 6 weeks. Interestingly enough, I told them I didn’t want the treatment and they asked me to come in and see the oncologist and there were four men in a room. I remember saying “Why are there so many of you? Do you think I’m going to be a problem?” and they all together in unison went “Yes”. It was very intimidating. They sat there and leaned forward to me, and said “If you do not have this immediately, you will die.” There was nothing else around. I hadn’t looked so I didn’t know. The healer I was working with said to me “I have to hold my tongue”, because she said she couldn’t get involved in my decision.

Frightened and against it, I accepted 6 weeks of treatment every day. Nobody came with me because I quickly discovered that nobody could deal with it and so I found it easier to get on the bus, go to the hospital, have it done, and come home.

From that period the Doctors wanted me to have another six months of chemo. I tried one more month and my skin felt like it was crawling and I just couldn’t take it. I finally stopped on the fifth day and said “No, I’m not having it anymore” because I did not believe something that made me feel that sick could be doing me any good. I already felt like I’d had too much. The doctors were horrified and I was told I would die at this point. So, I went on the internet, my healer and I, and found two things: a guy in America that wanted a £150,000 pounds to do plasma treatment. So that was an option, but the idea of raising that money was pretty scary. And then I saw a little film about a baby that was eight months old. She had a little tumor in the middle of her head and it was on Huffington Post and this doctor said “This is a miracle, this baby girl. Her father had chosen to give her cannabis oil on her pacifier because he didn’t want her to have radiation to her brain.” As soon as I saw the film it was like boom, that is what I’m going to go for. The Doctors meanwhile, just kept saying “We think the treatment has failed. There’s been so much swelling on the brain from the radiation that we can’t see because it’s all cloudy. It’s like it’s still inflamed.” Soon after that, it was confirmed that my tumor had grown back and that the treatment given to me had completely failed. I was told this was the most life threatening and incurable form of cancer and I had 6 months left to live.

The research to find medical marijuana took 4 months and led me to a Shaman. At Christmas, I got the first dose of medical cannabis. I started ingesting 300 drops set in pure alcohol because it’s easier to take than the oil- you can be very precise with it. The Shaman said to me “I’ve never treated anybody with a brain tumor.” and he said “I think you need the highest dose” so he gave me 300 drops, which is about a quarter ounce of dried matter a day. For the first six months, I was taking 300 drops- this was January 2013.

When I met my oncologist after 6 months, they once again confirmed the tumor was growing. I was devastated because I thought the treatment would be working. I asked probably the most important question of my life to the oncologist “Is my tumor growing very quickly or slower than you would expect?” and he said “Actually, it’s growing a lot slower than we would expect.” So, I went “do you think the cannabis is making the growth slower?” and he said “I don’t know because I’ve never heard of anybody taking cannabis before”. It was like a lightbulb went off and I phoned the Shaman and I said “They’ve given me until Christmas to live. I think the cannabis is doing something, but I think I need to double it.” And he said “I’ve never given anybody 600 hundred drops.  So he said “Let’s ask the pendulum.” The pendulum did this, spinning like crazy and he goes “okay, it’s a very high dose and more than I would normally give but your tumor is aggressive, but let’s do it.”

Six months later, for my next MRI results; I went with my two best friends Alix and Peter my business partner.  All of us were petrified of what the Doctor was about to say  because the last diagnosis was palliative but then the Doctor said “ Your tumor has started to shrink!” I was like what? And she said “Yes, your tumor has started to regress.”. This amazing news showed us that the 600 drops were working.

From that moment on, I took 600 drops of cannabis a day and I alkalized my body very simply : no sugar, no wheat, no dairy, no meat.

Throughout my healing, I exercised and danced and walked in the park every day. I only watched romantic or comedy films- anything positive. I cut everything I felt was negative out of my life, to save my life.

I could have, should have, would have died.

I strongly believe that my reason for being kept alive was to experience this and to help others.

Do I believe the cannabis shrank my tumor and restored some of the damage in my brain from the radiation and chemo? Yes, I absolutely do %100 and so did the doctors. And I ask it to continue doing that, every day.

In my case, with such an aggressive tumor I ingested a mix of CBD oil and THC. Some cancers can be treated with just CBD oil. Cannabis is a medicine plant. It’s been around since the dark ages and it works, you have to ingest the oil though, not smoke it. It works by going through the whole endocrine system and works on everything in the body. To be specific, when you have an angry cancer cell and you take cannabis oil, it goes to the cancer cell and locks into it which makes the cancer commit suicide in a clean way with no damage to the body at all.

I believe I was given this experience in this lifetime to highlight what is wrong with standard medical treatment and I’m here to campaign for what I believe in, which is cannabis as a cure for cancer.

We’re not talking about kids getting high on skunk. This is very important. That’s a falsified drug that dealers have developed to get kids very high. If you treated someone with oil made from skunk it would blow their head off and that’s not what you want.

You mentioned that you would love to see the creation of a different type of hospital, a sanctuary.

My vision going forward in the future, is to promote consciousness meeting medicine. I have a vision of a holistic place, which my Father who is an architect could design. It would be in the middle of a forest. In the hospital, we would have holistic food and healers doing energy work alongside the doctors- bringing medicine and healers together. We would teach people how to ground their body and how to be mindful. We would map them with love. We would have a cinema where they could watch romantic or comedy films. We would feed them beautifully and would take them for walks in the forest because that’s what people need, plant energy, plant medicine. And we would make the rooms really beautiful. And there would be flowers in all the rooms. From my experience, if you are very ill, you need as much love, peace and beauty around you as is humanly possible. At the moment, this does not really exist on an accessible level.

I would also like to stand on a platform and share my experiences to educate both doctors and patients. My dream would be to give a TED talk. It is really quite fabulous that my name POWERS perfectly fits the story. I am a woman who has defied the statistics, healed myself and is creating a fashion label.

I can show the world that even if you don’t have children, are single and you’ve been told you’re going to die, that’s rubbish because you can still do great stuff and be absolutely fabulous!

To book Amelia for public speaking engagements or for one to one consultations and intuitive readings email: amelia@ameilapowers.comWWW.AMELIAPOWERS.COM


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